Drigdasa is a rasi dasa. Drik means vision and drigdasa is a dasa based on aspects. It shows how spiritual vision develops in a native and steers one’s life. If a native’s chart promises spiritual growth, this dasa shows religious and spiritual activities and the evolution of one’s soul.


(1) Dasa of arudha lagna can bring renunciation if there are parivraja yogas in the chart, indicating renunciation.
(1) Dasas of signs aspecting arudha lagna can bring external activities that are important for one’s spiritual evolution.
(1) Dasa of lagna and the 7th house can bring internal awakening and self-realization.
(1) Dasa of lagna can also bring fame and power related to spreading spiritual knowledge. A monk may, for example, become the Chief Pontiff of a monastery.

(1) Dasas of signs containing or aspecting mantrapada (A5, arudha pada of the 5th house) can bring a religious initiation or sadhana (rigorous practice) of a mantra.
(1) Dasa of the sign containing mrityupada (A8, arudha pada of 8th house) can bring yogic sadhana. It can activate Kundalini sakti.
(1) Ketu is the significator of moksha (final liberation). Dasa of the sign containing Ketu can bring spiritual activities that take one towards liberation. Ketu is the only planet who can give real spiritual awakening and liberation.

(1) Dasa of the sign containing Rahu can create progress after internal turmoil if Rahu is favorable. If Rahu is unfavorable, it can take the native in the direction of materialism.

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