Dreams In Astrology

Definition of dream

In astrology Rahu is the ruler of dreams,when Rahu makes relation with Moon then dreams comes in the time of sleeping.Some person start to see dreams in day time,some person start to see dreams in the working time,dreams are must to think about realty of nature.

Example of Dreams

Moon in first house,Sun and fourth house,Mars in second house,Mercury in fifth house,Jupiter and Venus in third house,Saturn in fourth house,and Rahu in sixth house and Ketu in 12th house.

Moon always thinks,Sun always sees and Saturn always does,Mercury gives way of next by voice,by expression and by communication,Mars gives strength and Jupiter and Venus gives knowledge of paranormal and physical things,Rahu gives idea those not have any type measurements and destinations,Ketu gives low label and Rahu gives high label.

Sun and Saturn in fourth house makes life only for showing image in evening and morning time,the time of Rahu in first part of night and time of Ketu is the last part of night,middle part of night always gives results of full Saturn.

In a month Moon makes connectivity with Rahu and Ketu,like 2.25 days when with Rahu or with Ketu,2.25 days when in third house from Rahu or Ketu,2.25 days when in fifth house from Rahu or Ketu,2.25 days when in seventh from Rahu and Ketu and 2.25 days when in ninth house from Rahu and Ketu.

True dreams always when Moon makes gochara from birth time Rahu and Ketu,and lie dreams always when Moon with Rahu by time Gochara.

Mars in second house gives nature to live by the helps of medicines,Sun and Saturn in fourth house gives works related to home and illness of heart, it also gives weak heart,Saturn always hits Moon of first from fourth house,fourth house is the house of Moon,Moon is a wet star and Saturn is dry star,heart by the dryness makes feelings of nothing with life.

When Sun with Saturn Sun always gives illness of heart,like Sun is soul and Jupiter is Jeeva,(breaths),Venus is the physical star,and this start gives helps to Jupiter to take breaths by the physical ways,Before Jupiter is Mars like a doctor and after Mars is Jupiter,means breathing depends on doctor,after breathing Sun means soul Saturn means works,and in fifth Mercury gives connection by plastic tubes in stomach area,and Rahu in sixth gives nature of thinking when Moon in sixth,gives dreams like a person is drinking blood,Mars and Rahu having connection like trikonatmak,and when Moon in 8th house,Rahu gives dreams like a person saivng him by death,and when Moon in 10th house,gives there are supports from family members and some persons going to kill father.

By this type many dreams arise,and true dreams always take time like one month,one year,or 12 years time.

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