Diseases Rectifications

Three head elements are responsible for diseases

Three elements are responsible for the any kind of disease,those three elements are Vata Pitta and Kapha,Vata is Air,Pitta is fire and kapha is Water.For the Aries ascendant there more stars rectifications are presented for the general diseases.


In the Birth Chart if Mercury is effected by papa Graha that means Person destroy both eyes by the effects of water,that time tears always gives illness in the eyes.


If any papa graha in the fourth house,and Moon between the papa graha,that time person affected by Heart disease.


If in the Aries ascendant Moon with Mars in the 8th house or in the Scorpio,that person affected by the heart disease.


If Moon is weak in the Gemini,Virgo or in the Scorpio in Aries it means person has heart disease.


If Saturn in the Cancer and the lord of 6th house Mercury with Saturn having Yuti with any papa graha,it means person has heart disease.

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