Diseases By Rashi

Disease scanning by birth chart

In the birth chart 6th house is the house of diseases,in birth chart if under written Rashi presented and or the lord sixth rashi making relations with the lord of birth sign it means disease perfectly making sense.

Simha Eye disease, Headache, Fever, loss of appetite, diarrhea, heart disease, Bile, Thirst, Sun stroke.(Lord is Sun)
Karka: Veneral disease, Skin disease, Cold cough, Phlegm, smallpox or Measles, Laziness, Spleen and liver disorders, Mental disorder, Epilepsy, Typhoid, Synus, Eye diseases, dropsy, impurities of blood, swellings, stomach ache, lunacy, influenza (Lord is Moon)
Mesh and Vrischik Accidents, cuts, wounds, loss of semen, dog bite, blood defect, loss of blood, piles, blood pressure, heart disease, constipation, anemia, bile, thirst (Lord is Mars)
Mithun and Kannya Stomach disorder, Leprosy, Childlessness, intestinal complaints, skin diseases, mental disorder, eczema, itches, scabies, sore throat, tonsils, dumb, bald, ring worm , leucodrama (Lord is Mercury)
Dhanu and Meen Hernia, Bronchitis, liver complaints, jaundice (Lord is Jupiter)
Tula and Vrash Veneral diseases, uterine disorders, eye diseases, phlegm and wind , diabetes, anemia, skin disease , diseases of ovaries, Abortion (Lord is Venus)
Kumbh and Makar Lethargy, gas troubles, rheumatism, arthritis, defective speech, tooth ailments, indigestion, ulcer, asthma (Lord is Saturn)
Rashi Sandhi Evening Cataract, Tooth ailments, pox, leprosy, suicide, body pains, stammering, ailments of lever and spleen, rheumatism, sudden death, murder, accidents, sexual perversity, homosexuality, lesbianism, cohabitation with animals, snake bite, insanity.(Lord is Rahu)
Rashi Sandhi Morning Cuts, wounds, leprosy, itches and sores, suicide, stomach ache, small pox, piles, cancer, sudden death, murder, hunger, skin eruptions, snakebite, viral fever, tumour.(Lord is Ketu)

Other types of searching diseases

  • If by the Year predictions 3rd House has low strength,or empty,it means diseases attack from 8th house's bad effect.
  • If 8th house has low strength of empty,if means diseases attack from 5th house.
  • If 5th house empty or low strength it means disease attack from 11th house.
  • If 11th house empty or low strength it means attack from 3rd house.
  • If all empty it means 4th house make sense of diseases.
  • Disease always enter in life from 8th house.
  • House number 2nd and 4th are the ways of diseases.
  • House number 10th increase values of that disease.
  • House number 5th start expanses in diseases.
  • House number 3rd put order of death.

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