Colours Of Planets

Jupiter Golden Hue

Sun Reddish

Moon Fair

Mars Deep red

Mercury Greenish

Saturn Black

Venus Polished Light Black

Significators of Houses

1st House Sun

2nd House Jupiter

3rd House Mars

4th House Moon

5th House Jupiter

6th House Saturn

7th House Venus

8th House Saturn

9th House Jupiter

10th House Sun

11th House Jupiter

12th House Saturn

Signs as Significators of the Elemental Five

Aries,Leo,Scorpio are Fiery Signs

Taurus,Cancer, Libra are Watery Signs

Gemini,Virgo are Earthly Signs

Capricorn, Aquarius are Airy Signs

Sagittarius, Pisces are Etheric Signs.

Classical Philosophy has The Law of Correspondences as its base. "As Above, so Below", the Earth is an exact replica of Heaven!

Based on the Pythagorean Law of Vibration, the nine digits correspond to the nine revolving heavens and this science came to be known as the science of Astro-Numerology.

Gemologists have found that the vibrations of gems correspond to the vibrations of the planets and this came to be known as Astro-Gemology.

Astrology as related to Yoga

The aim of Nature is to effect Super-Nature. The aim of Yoga is Self, is Self-Actualisation. As the Science of Time dealing with the mathematical Law of Probability, Astrology can help the aspirants attain to Self- Realisation by pointing out the obstacles on the Path (Was not Jesus tempted by Satan, Buddha by Mara?) and the means of overcoming those obstacles…

The role of Jupiter in Horoscope

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