Characteristics Of Rasis

We learnt that the zodiac of 360º is divided into 12 equal parts of 30º. We learnt these are called rasis (signs). We learnt the definition of rasis. Different rasis have different properties and they stand for different things. We will learn them in this small chapter.
Limbs of Vishnu

The whole zodiac is nothing but a manifestation of Lord Vishnu’s body. Aries is the head. Taurus is the face. Gemini is the arms. Cancer is the heart. Leo is the stomach. Virgo is the hip. Libra is the space below navel. Scorpio is the private parts. Sagittarius is the thighs. Capricorn is the knees. Aquarius is the ankles. Pisces is the feet.

These are the limbs that rasis in the natural zodiac stand for. Because we are all part of the Supreme energy governing this world, the above mapping applies to us too. For example, we should pay attention to Leo for analyzing stomach problems and to Pisces for analyzing problems related to feet and so on.

Odd and Even

(1) Ar, Ge, Le, Li, Sg and Aq are called odd rasis or vishama rasis or oja rasis. They are also known as male rasis.

(1) Ta, Cn, Vi, Sc, Cp and Pi are called even rasis or sama rasis or yugma rasis. They are also known as female rasis.

This division is used in some dasas and in the determination of the sex of children.

Odd-footed and Even-footed

(1) Ar, Ta, Ge, Li, Sc and Sg are called odd-footed rasis or vishamapada rasis or ojapada rasis.

(1) Cn, Le, Vi, Cp, Aq and Pi are called even-footed rasis or samapada rasis or or yugmapada rasis.

This division is used in some dasas.

Movable, Fixed and Dual

(1) Ar, Cn, Li and Cp are known as chara rasis or movable rasis. They are ruled by Brahma, the Creator. Their nature is to move and to be dynamic.
(1) Ta, Le, Sc and Aq are known as sthira rasis or fixed rasis. They are ruled by Shiva, the Destroyer. Their nature is to be stable and constant.

(1) Ge, Vi, Sg and Pi are known as dwiswabhava rasis or dual rasis. They are ruled by Vishnu, the Sustainer.They are stable sometimes and dynamic sometimes.

Rasis & Five Elements

According to Hindu philosophy, this world is made up of 5 elements – fire, water, air, earth and ether. Water is a substance with a flexible state. Air is a substance with a varying state. Earth is a substance with a constant and solid state. Fire is a substance that transforms the state of things. Ether is something that is present everywhere.

For example, suppose one has a good memory and remembers something he learnt 10 years back. It involves a skill of earthy nature. Suppose a poet’s imagination creates a nice poem that appeals to one’s aesthetic sense. This involves watery skills. Suppose one is in a bad mood and his mind is wandering aimlessly. This shows airy state of the mind. These 5 elements are behind every material substance, every action, every thought, every emotion and every happening in this universe.

(1) Ar, Le and Sg are called agni rasis or fiery rasis.
(1) Ta, Vi and Cp are called bhoo rasis or earthy rasis.
(1) Ge, Li and Aq are called vaayu rasis or airy rasis.
(1) Cn, Sc and Pi are called jala rasis or watery rasis.

(1) The 5th element of aakaasa or ether is present in every rasi.

Let us see how these may be used. For example, the 5th house in one’s chart shows one’s emotional nature. The 5th house in a fiery sign may show a normally angry, aggressive or determined person. The 5th house in an earthy sign may show a balanced, logical and stable person. The 5th house in an airy sign may show someone with unstable and wandering emotions. The 5th house in a watery sign may show one with an imaginative and creative mind.

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