Chakras Charts

Chakras (charts)


A “chart” (Sanskrit name: chakra) is prepared with the information of rasis occupied by all planets. For preparing any chart, we need to first determine the rasis occupied by all planets, upagrahas, lagna and special lagnas. In the visual representation of a chart, there are 12 boxes (are some other visual areas) with each representing a rasi. All planets, upagrahas and lagnas are written in the boxes corresponding to the rasis they occupy.

There are 3 popular ways of drawing charts in India: (1) South Indian style chart ruled by Jupiter, (2) North Indian style diamond chart ruled by Venus and (3) East Indian style Sun chart ruled by Sun. In this book, all the charts will be given in formats (1) and (2).

Out of the three chart formats, (1) and (3) are rasi-based and (2) is bhava-based. In rasi-based chart drawing formats, a rasi is always at a fixed position. Ar is always in one particular position and Ta is in another position and so on. Planets, lagna etc are placed in the box (or the visual area) representing the rasi occupied by it. In bhava-based chart drawing formats, a bhava (house) is always at a fixed position. Lagna (denoted by “Asc” for ascendant) is always in a particular visual area of the chart and the 2nd, 3rd etc houses are in fixed positions.

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