Birth In Uttraphalguni Nakshtra

Uttara Falguni Nakshatra:

Spread from 26:40 Simha to 10: degree Kanya. The lords are Ravi and Budha, symbol is a bed. Poorva Falguni and Uttar Falguni are pair together. Its attributes are much the same as those of Poorva Falguni. The only difference is that generosity, kindness, patronage and an eagerness to help the distressed, to help friends and intimates and those who seek help are more pronounced in this star.
Those born in the Uttara star are wealthy, know the science of weapons, impotent, respectful and endowed with attractive eyes. They are fixed to the sciences and stingy in expending money. They are givers, kind hearted, happy and endowed with good qualities, famous, kingly, daring and extremely soft personalities. They win over their enemies, loved by women, experts in arts, truthful, and learned. They are obedient, religious, loved by people, stable and bright. They are fearful but good wamors?.
Those born in the first pada cause danger to their father, hence the child is forbidden to be seen by their father until the. end of two months after the birth. They are devoted to work, proud, knowers of secrets, handsome and the most important person in their clan. They easily mesmerise women, of hot constitution, obedient, happy, learned and possess signs of fish.

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