Birth In Shatbhikha Nakshtra

Shatabisha Nakshatra: Spread from after 6:40 up to 20: in Kumbha. Lord Shani. Symbol a circle. The Ocean, rivers, lakes etc. are derived from this star and it signifies aquatic marine life. It concerns boats, concealment, the veil, and to hide beneath the veil, covering, armour, places to hide things, failures, no-easy success, sorrow, death, restrain, idleness, peevishness, cynicism and a mania for excessive cleanliness. Diseases indicated by this star are dropsy, rheumatism and heart disease.
Those born in the star Shatabhisha are endowed with many children, angry, daring, extreme and unbearable; they are most selfish and gamblers. They are of questionable character and experts in magic. They are stubborn, stable minded, specially knowledgeable, brave,cruel, eat little, stingy, wealthy, servers and go after other women. They live in foreign lands and most sexy. They are respected by the world, plenty minded, their enemies, longlived and are witty. They are good in various transactions, astrologers, suffer from various diseases, and are endowed with some knowledge.
Those born in the first pada are truthful, stable minded, proud, friendly and worship guests. They are soft spoken, wealthy, religious, have many friends and brave. They are of helping nature, endowed with good qualities and love their relatives.

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