Birth In Ashwini Nakshtra

Ashwini Nakshatra: Devata for Ashwini Nakshatra is Ashwi or the Duality known as Aswini Kumar Twins, the physician of the Gods. Symbol - the head of a horse. So, by the influence of this star the native is expected to be equestrian (horse-ride) or a soldier, also a physician with marvellous power to heal. The after-speak of physicians excellence or process. It is possible, in the horoscopes of these physicians it will be seen that the Graha for successful medical practice is positioned in Aswini Nakshatra. From Aswi is supposed to be derived carriages for animals for transport, everything related to transport and transport department. The Puranas relate that the two Aswini Kumaras were born of mother Sanga and father Ravi. The mother held the solar semen in her nostrils, for otherwise she could not hold it, it is so strong. They are the twins of Sanga and therefore this Nakshatra is supposed to produce twins, Mangal in this Nakshatra - specially if the Lagna is in Kumbha and Mangal in bhatristhan indicates twin brother and sister for the native. Or if Ravi, Guru or Pitri Karaka or lord of the Bhava signifying father or son in a similar way is in this Nakshatra then the father or any of the uncles or any of the children may be one of the twin.
Those born in the Aswini star are scrupulous, prosperous, obedient, truthful, and obtain all comports. They are endowed with good family and children and are wealthy. They are daring, handsome and monied. They are capable administrators, cruel, of big body and respected. They sacrifice money, are of good conduct and enjoyers. They are quick and candid, knowers of scriptures, rational and succeed in quarrels. They are long handed and wide eyed. They are respected by kings and sweet spoken. They are daring, arrogant, thieves, and frauds. They are unkind, practice forbidden paths, intelligent, and contain some symbol on their girdle. They are fickle and undertake travelling. They court other women and are farsighted. They are not independent, but strong.
Those born in the first quarter are daring, carry on fire associated jobs, stingy and court other women.

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