For a house falling in a movable/fixed/dual rasi, the 11th/9th/7th house (respectively) from there becomes baadhaka sthaana (troubling spot). Its lord is called a “baadhaka” (troublemaker) for the original house. The list of baadhaka sthaanas and baadhakas corresponding to each rasi is given in Table 11.

For example, suppose lagna in someone’s D-10 is in Ge. Then Jupiter is baadhaka for lagna. The periods of Jupiter and planets in Sg can create some obstructions and troubles in career. Let us take another house. Aq is the 9th house and the 9th house in D-10 shows the guidance one gets in one’s career. It can show manager and elders giving guidance. Baadhaka sthana for Aq is Li. So the periods of Venus and occupants of Li can create some troubles related to the guidance one gets. There may be some troubles related to manager. Thus we can consider baadhaka from every house and arudha pada in every divisional chart.

Table 11: Baadhakas

Rasi Baadhaka sthaana Baadhaka
Ar Aq Saturn & Rahu
Ta Cp Saturn
Ge Sg Jupiter
Cn Ta Venus
Le Ar Mars
Vi Pi Jupiter
Li Le Sun
Sc Cn Moon
Sg Ge Mercury
Cp Sc Mars & Ketu
Aq Li Venus
Pi Vi Mercury

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