Astrology Ayurvedic Therapy

Holistic Medicine (Ayurveda) is related to the science of the revolving heavens. Ayurvedic physicians of yore used the horoscope to diagnose disease. According to them the seven planets represented the seven gross elements (dhatus). A weakly placed Saturn was responsible for arthritis and Jupiter for diabetes. Since the 12 signs from the Ascendant represented the 12 limbs of the human body by correspondence, they could discern which part of the body was afflicted by disease. Rahu in the sixth was found to cause gas trouble and ulceration since the sixth house represented the belly.

Astrology as related to Yoga

Yoga is not a way of doing, it is a way of Being.

The aim of Yoga is Union with Cosmic Intelligence. The Self or the Divine Spark within us is experienced as Bliss. The aspirant by overcoming his negative aspect and uniting with his Higher Self can become one with the "Bliss for which the world's derelict sorrows yearn"! As the Science of Time, Astrology can point out the barriers on the path of the aspirant, the impediments which block his progress and instruct him how to remove those barriers!

Vedic Astrology - Lesson 7

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