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Bacon in his book "De Sapientia Vaterum" (Of the Wisdom of the Ancients) opined that scientific truths are contained in Mythology. For instance, there is a story in Greek Mythology that Athena was taking bath in a pond where Zeus (Jupiter) was taking bath. Zeus got angry and threw her out of the pond. This is an allegorical depiction of an earlier theory in Astronomy that Venus was a satellite of Jupiter and was expelled from the orbit of Jupiter!

Mythology is, in other words, nothing but the representation of Astronomical truths. As per the Vedic Code, the function of Epic and Mythology is to adumbrate philosophic verities!

The Ursa Major Cycle

The first astronomical calender was erected by the Vedic Emperor Vaivaswatha Manu (circa 8576 AD). It was based on the Ursa Major Cycle. The constellation of Ursa Major (Sapta Rishies or the Seven Seers), stays in a constellation for 100 years and to make a retrograde circuit of the Zodiac (as the Zodiac is tenanted by 27 constellations), it takes 2700 years. All Vedic Mythology is based on these astronomical calculations. Prof. Drayson says in his "Asiatic Researches" that "the Vedists thought proper to connect their Mythology with an astronomical period of a strange nature. It is that of the Seven Rishies (Seers), moving along the Zodiac in retrograde motion and taking 2700 years to complete one circuit". Ursa Major, the Great Bear, was in Regulus (Magha) at the start of the Mahabharatha War!

Astrology as related to Yoga

Yoga has been defined as the Art of Conscious Self finding.

"The aim of the Integral Yoga", said Aurobindo," is to know and deal with the secret forces which determine our destiny ".

"Life, not a remotely silent or a highly ecstatic uplifted beyond, Life alone is the field of our Yoga", spake the Master. The barriers on the path of a spiritual aspirant are the "hostile forces" in Man - namely, lust, anger, pride, avarice, attachment, sloth & covetousness, which lie in the subconscient (subconscious mind).

Man houses dangerous forces in his house

The Titan, the Fury and the Djinn

Lay in the subconscient's cavern pit

And the Beast moved in his antre den!

The Science of the heavens, as the friend, philosopher & guide of all humanity can advise the aspirant to overcome the "enemies" within him - which are formidable forces - and reach the Goal of Life, Self Actualisation.

Offshoot of Yoga in the West - Free Masonry

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