Astro Gemology

In his famous book " Ancient Astral Gemstones & Talismans", Richard S Brown of records that not only the Nine Primary Gems but other secondary gems are also used in Planetary Gem Therapy.

Planet Primary Gem Secondary Gems

Sun Ruby Red Spinel & red Garnet

Moon Pearl Moonstone

Jupiter Yellow Sapphire Yellow Topaz, Citrine, Yellow Beryl

Rahu Hessonite Orange Zircon, spessartite

Mercury Emerald Green Tourmaline,jade, peridot

Venus Diamond White Sapphire, white Topaz

Ketu Cat's Eye Beryl, Fibrolite

Saturn Blue Sapphire Blue Spinel, amethyst

Mars Coral Cornelian, bloodstone

Astrology & Holistic Medicine (Ayurveda)

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