Ashwin Rahu And Ketu With Lagana


The native with Aries lagna is beginning a new cycle of self-actualization. This causes them to be possessed of great impulse, strength and will of an initiatory type. The Aries native is harnessing energy for some personal, yet urposeful activity. There is great energy directed towards finding ones niche in life, but this may put them into unstable or unmanageable situations, as the consequences of their actions are rarely considered in advance. The nature is courageous and passionate. Great emphasis is placed on the use of the will and directness is a noticeable quality. They consider things very much from a personal point of view.
The evolutionary goal is to develop the opposing quality of Libra. Balance must be developed in their activities. They must learn to consider the price they must pay for their actions and endeavors and become more pragmatic. This is likely to give partners that are more pragmatic in their actions, or partners that force a need upon the native to be more pragmatic.



Ketu in the 1st house indicates a native who in recent past lives has gone at things alone and thereby felt secure in knowing that they can handle themselves through any situation. Rahu's placement in the 7th house indicates that in this life the native is in need of learning how to be as efficient and capable in a partnership. These natives generally feel quite confident and capable by themselves, but in partnerships of any sort they tend to experience a lot of doubt and insecurity. In fact, around others they tend to feel very insecure and threatened, they often feel that their every move is being watched and analyzed, though it is really they themselves that are watching their and others' every move with the intense analysis of Ketu. This sometimes leaves them feeling naked, or as if they are in an alien civilization trying to find a niche for themselves, unsure if they will be welcomed or not. All these concerns are the result of an intense self-focus that causes the native to be aware and hypersensitive of every aspect of themselves, as well as creating a great need for perfection in all their actions. This need for perfection gives doubts of how to behave and act, as well as a self-critical nature that is only aware of how far they are from perfection in their actions, rather than how good they do, even if others congratulate and validate them for their performances. Until the native has detached from the role of his personality these self-doubts will pain him. Once he learns that perfection is a perfect harmony of his karmas, his merits, others' karmas, others' merits and grace, and that that is all that can ever happen, no better or no worse, then he can be content with his actions and behavior. Ketu's placement indicates the native having spent more time in the past lives in self-development at the expense of social development. In this lifetime, Rahu makes partnerships more difficult and more draining. There is generally a need to learn what is right for the native in a partner, as well as how to go about maintaining a relationship. Generally a relationship is more demanding upon the native than they would desire. This is due to them having difficulty being themselves in the relationship and instead taking on extra burdens of the partner, or because it is necessary for them to learn to include the other as a larger part of themselves. Ketu also makes the native very self-controlled, and also one who hides his weakness or insecurities. Their partners, therefore, tend to go to the opposite and be very uncontrolled, more chaotic individuals, as indicated by Rahu. The native has to learn that as long as they are overly controlled, and hidden, their partners will be very unbalanced and overly expressive. As the native learns to feel more secure with themselves around others and allow their personalities to flow naturally, their partners will be more balanced and they will be able to have more productive relationships.


Ketu in Aries indicates that the native in recent past lives has created his security through personal initiative, strength, and will. Much of this was done with only the goal in sight, the consequences, or price was generally not considered. In this lifetime the native will experience doubts that serve to curb their impulsiveness. Also in this lifetime events will transpire that force the native into situations that require courage and strength to fulfill a goal that has a high price, a price that may be higher than the native may want to pay. This, though, is usually the result of the previous karmas of impulsively or willfully pursuing a goal, without thought for the consequences.
Rahu's position in Libra indicates that the native is in need of developing the talent of seeing that every action has a price, and that that price must be willingly paid. The key to living a happy life is to determine the price of their desires and actions, so that they will know what they are getting themselves into, or if indeed they even want to pursue their desired actions.
Ketu in Aries, indicates a native that has acted through its own initiative, strength and will. As a result of this they may view the many things that happen in their lives, or that effect others, as their own fault, or due to them. Rahu in Libra has to teach that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, the law of karma. Much of what happens is not due to them, or their fault, but only the natural workings of the law of karma that allows all men to reap the due rewards of their actions.


The influence of Rahu on Jupiter indicates a native in the need of defining their belief system and purpose. There is usually some discontent, unhappiness, or lack revolving around their religious upbringing and this may make one irreligious or disinterested in spiritual values. If there are strong spiritual factors in the horoscope, the influence of Rahu on Jupiter may create an aspiring spiritual personality, but one that is usually more inclined towards preaching and teaching to others, which they do to compensate for their own lack of understanding. They are essentially preaching and teaching to themselves.
The influence of Rahu on Jupiter also indicates a strong need to find meaning and purpose in life. Until this happens, the native usually suffers some discontent and a lack of clear direction. There may be a tendency to become overly enthusiastic about a venture, but only for a short while, after which discontent and purposelessness set in. The native needs to find an inner purpose that gives meaning to life in order to overcome this discontent.
The conjunction of Rahu to Jupiter seems to be much more severe and when under the influence of Mars or Saturn, creates Guruchandala yoga, making one irreligious, a hypocrite and suffering on account of children. In a woman's nativity, this additionally indicates suffering due to having difficulty finding a worthwhile marriage partner. The aspect is not nearly as severe in its negativity. The strong aspect of Jupiter onto Rahu, in fact, eventually alleviates a lot of the trouble indicated by Rahu. The strong aspect of Jupiter indicates that the native will eventually be able to understand the areas Rahu is influencing and learn to do what is needed to maintain happiness.


The influence of Rahu on the Moon (with rasi aspect) results in some weakness in the mind that is in need of strengthening. This is generally the result of the mind not being centered in the heart, instead being centered externally or remaining unfocused. When the mind is centered externally there is discontent and depression that comes from the lack of fulfillment the world has to offer. When the mind remains unfocused there is a higher degree of psychic disorders, and/or a lack of clarity and concentration. Rahu influencing the Moon may give heightened psychic sensitivity but usually this is also accompanied by a weakness that make the native more sensitive to psychic disorders.
Other weakness of the mind caused by Rahu may be various types of mental derangement, but for any serious difficulties other malefic influences must also be indicated. In the horoscopes of natives with strong spiritual tendencies, Rahu influencing the Moon may give strong attunement.
The discontent that Rahu casts upon the Moon is also a cause of addictions. Addictions also serve to make the mind unfocused, which results again in psychic disorders. Rahu may also give a tendency to live in the imagination, in the realm of fantasy, wishes and hopes, which ultimately lead to discontent and depression because in the end the native still lives in the real world.
In female natives the conjunction of the Moon with Rahu creates a strong feminine magnetism, and a strong emotional transparency that is attractive to men. However, the woman herself feels ungrounded and insecure and is usually not emotionally healthy enough to enjoy a relationship.
The need for the native, when Rahu is influencing the Moon is to learn to keep the mind anchored in the heart, the one place of true satisfaction for it. With natives having spiritual tendencies this is an eventual possibility.


The influence of Rahu on Mars (with rasi aspect) indicates a native who is in need of developing the healthy use of their will and power. The native usually has an explosive potential and many power struggles with people. The native may have a lack of confidence in using their will. This may create abusive situations in life as well as anger and frustration whenever one's will is thwarted or challenged. The insecurity revolving around the use of their will that causes their self-esteem to feel threatened may lead to aggressive and abusive behavior. The native needs to learn a proper application of the use of the will, part of which is to know when to use it and when not to.
Rahu influencing Mars indicates ideas in the mind that something must be had at any cost, the option of not having or not winning is out of the question. This may cause over aggressiveness or excess impulsiveness.


The influence of Rahu on Saturn (with rasi aspect) indicates a native that has difficulty in developing and maintaining security and stability. Those things the native feels attached to, or hopes to acquire security through are often taken away. Outer instability generally results in nerve-wracking conditions, and there is generally some inner instability and tension that makes the experiences of life less enjoyable. The only thing the native can really do to combat this is develop a dispassionate and detached mentality, which is particularly hard for them.
Rahu influencing Saturn also generally indicates a lack of consistent, long-term focus in life. The native will usually have a happier life once they are focused and secure in their path.
Rahu and Saturn are both separating influences, the house that they are both influencing will usually be an area where the native experiences complete or lengthy separations.



If the Moon is exalted, the native is emotionally grounded and secure. The native understands that their thoughts, and the ideas they have about how things should be, are largely responsible for how they feel. The result is that they are more inclined to be responsible for their feelings and attitudes, and that these are likely to be based upon a balanced assessment of their lives.


If Venus is debilitated, mutual respect and appreciation becomes conditional and there is difficulty in maintaining mutual respect in human relations. The native will readily see the flaws in anything of beauty, which also makes it difficult for them to create anything of beauty. Sexual imbalances will be noted, from possible frigidity to adulterous affairs. Most importantly the native will lack proper judgement in making decisions that affect their happiness and pleasure, resulting in limiting conditions and unhappiness.
If debilitated Venus has its debilitation cancelled, mutual respect is established with the help of formalities. The native becomes capable of learning principles and laws that help them make the choices that result in their greatest happiness.


When Mercury is combust the individual experiences feelings of vulnerability when making requests. The self is identified with the function of speech and feels hurt and rejected when his requests are slighted or denied. The ego is fearful of having its request denied and therefore feeling rejected on a personal level. Even legitimate requests such as asking for a well-deserved raise, requesting from loved ones and returning an item to a store become difficult. After some time the individual feels taken advantage of and unfulfilled at which time anger and resentment set in. The individual must recognize that they must take direct responsibility for getting their needs and desires met by communicating them clearly and strongly. They are generally only able to communicate their desires and needs more overtly through hints, or in a joking manner. Combust Mercury presents the most trouble in personal relationships where a clear communication of needs and desires is important for maintaining harmony and in business affairs where money must be asked for. In essence, when Mercury is combust the native is angry because they are unable to maintain a fair exchange with others.
Generally the issues revolving around a combust Mercury develop in this lifetime when the native, as a child, felt rejected when making requests for things from the father, and the father answering something like this, "What do you want that for, its stupid, a waste of money, etc."

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