Arudhas Risen Ones


Lagna shows true self. However, people’s perceptions of a person can be different from reality. Usually, how one is perceived by others is more important in material life than who one really is. A political leader perceived by people as a powerful and influential person may in reality be a coward and a confused man always in doubt. But the reality does not matter in deciding his material life. Perceptions matter more. People perceive him as a strong leader and that matters the most in deciding his political career.

A political leader generally perceived as an honest man may in reality be badly corrupt. A person generally perceived as an intelligent person may in reality be of average intelligence. An intelligent person may score poorly in examinations and people may not know his intelligence.

If someone studied at IIT (a top engineering institute of India), people may think that he is very knowledgable. If someone studied at an obscure university, people may not get the same impression. But it is possible that people’s perceptions are wrong and the person who studied at IIT is less knowledgable. If an astrologer is frequented by a top politician, people may get an impression that the astrologer is good. If an astrologer maintains a low profile, people may think that he is average. But the latter astrologer may be more learned in reality.

What people perceive about a person can often be different from reality. However, perceptions and reality are both important to an astrologer. For predicting some matters, we need knowledge of the perceptions (e.g. success of a politician in elections, success in a competitive examination, promotion at office etc). For predicting some internal matters, on the other hand, true self should be clearly understood.

So we, astrologers, should be able to separate reality from perceptions and understand both correctly. We should understand the true nature of a person and also how he is perceived by the world. Arudha padas are a very important concept of Vedic astrology and they help us with that tough, but important, task.

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