Argala Intervention

In addition to the influence caused by planets with graha drishti and rasi drishti, there is another influence called “argala”.

Argala is a very important concept in Vedic astrology. Literally speaking, argala means “a bolt”. Argala on a house shows the influences that intervene in its affairs, decide some parts of it and close the bolt on it, so to speak. Planet having rasi drishti have a small influence. Planets having graha drishti have a more concrete influence. Planets with argala simply decide some parts of the matter signified by the house. The influence caused by argala is decisive.

A planet or house in the 2nd, 4th and 11th houses from a planet or house causes primary argala on the latter. Argala by a benefic planet is called a “subhaargala” (benefic intervention) and argala by a malefic planet is called a “paapaargala” (malefic intervention). This simple concept can be better appreciated if some examples are given.

The 4th house stands for education. The 2nd, 4th and 11th from the 4th house are 5th, 7th and 2nd houses respectively. One’s intelligence (5th), interaction with others (7th) and and overall character and samskara (2nd) make or break one education. If Jupiter is in 5th house, he will give intelligence and his subhargala (benefic intervention) on 4th will help one’s education. If Rahu is in 5th house, his papargala (malefic intervention) on 4th will cause obstacles in one’s education by way of poor intelligence. Similarly, benefics and malefics in the houses causing argala cause good and bad intervention. Basically, the point is that intelligence, interaction and samskara are the things that decide one’s education. They have a decisive role.

Let us take another example. Short journeys are seen from the 3rd house. What are the things necessary for a journey? One needs a vehicle (4th). One may need someone to serve one by driving the vehicle. Servants are seen from 6th. So, no wonder the 4th and 6th houses cause argala on the 3rd house, being the 2nd and 4th from it respectively! If one has papargala on 3rd from 4th, it may show trouble to the journey because of the vehicle. If one has papargala on 3rd from 6th, it may show trouble to the journey because of the driver.

Let us take another example. Domestic harmony, comfort, well-being and happiness are seen from the 4th house. What are the things that can make or break domestic harmony? Of course, wife, children and other family members! Each of them can intervene in one’s domestic harmony. No wonder the 5th, 7th and 2nd houses have an argala on the 4th house (being the 2nd, 4th and 11th respectively from the 4th house)! If a malefic in 5th has papargala on 4th, it may show domestic clashes and lack of sukha (comfort/happiness) on account of a child. If a benefic in 7th has subhargala on on 4th, it may show domestic happiness due to a caring partner.

Apart from the 2nd, 4th and 11th houses from a house, the 5th house from a house has a secondary argala on it. In the case of learning, argala of 8th house on 4th (8th is the 5th from 4th) shows the influence of hard work in learning. Hard work is another decider. In the case of journey, argala of 7th house on 3rd house (7th is the 5th from 3rd) shows the influence of partners in a journey.

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