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Planets are constantly in motion with respect to earth in the skies. The positions of Sun, Moon and some planets close to earth can give important clues about the fortunes of individual human beings and groups of human beings. That is the basic premise of astrology. How exactly we can make guesses about the fortunes of individual human beings and groups of human beings based on the positions of those planets in the skies is the question that we will attempt to answer in these lessons. Astrology is the subject that deals with this question. There are many theories and philosophies in vogue and they are significantly different from each other.

Definition in present time

Astrology is the study of the effects of planetary forces upon man. It is notfortune telling. It is one of the best methods for man to learn about who he is, where he came from and where he is going. Astrology reveals CHARACTER and character is destiny. Astrology shows nothing but tendencies. A man can rule his stars by exerting his will. Remember that good or so-called evil configurations are not the result of chance or luck, but are the product of our own past acts. The stars IMPEL but do not COMPEL .

Astrology consists of 3 factors - the houses , the signs , and the planets. Each house represents a department of life . The signs aredivisions of the heavens which by their placement relative to the houses indicate our basic temperament and attitude towards life. The planets through their motion through the houses & signs bring to us the opportunities for soul growth which we need for our individual development.

Need Predictions about Yourself ?

Everyone in this world fighting with livings,like matters of money,family,and many more You write me your Date of birth,Time of birth,and place of birth with your proper email & questions,also indicate me some past activities like birth of a child,any type misshapen with family member,and interests in present time,I will make you answer as the rules of Vedic Astrology.

Rules of learning Astrology !

We know a formula from algebra if we count ++ the answer is +,and if count - - the answer is +,if we count - and + the results is - and if + and - the results also -,we have our safety in the positive to positive,and negative to negative,if we want positive to negative it means there negative,and if want to go negative to positive the results is negative.This formula also gives full theory of incoming and out going human life,only one proton play full life game,and when other protons start to appear in life,the proton divide in many parts,like in the save of male and female children.The first proton take neutron from covering area of divided protons,first proton hide him self.

Father starts divide proton,when he find neutron from nature.

Father is proton and mother is neutron,when father start to warm his body by the choice of proton,then neutron gives strength to neutron,results we can see after divide proton in several parts,if neutron has much strength,the result is female child and if proton has much strength it means male child.

Know about Your Birth-Month

September is your birth month and Sun in Virgo it means Virgos desire purity and perfection in all they are and all they do.
They are generally reserved, shy, analytical, discriminating, precise,
industrious, systematic, considerate, punctual, and reliable. Virgos
are hard workers who usually have a great deal of common sense and are
practical, with a flair for detailed work. On the negative side,
though, they can also be aloof, skeptical, picky, sarcastic,
depressed, critical, pessimistic, whiny, and self-centered. Virgoans
are happy when they can work with a lot of details, usually of a
technical or analytical nature, in and for the service of others. They
do not have to be the boss as service is more important than

Virgoans have curious and inquiring minds, with keen analysis and
excellent memories. They enjoy analyzing people, situations, and
problems. They always want to know how, why, when and where. It is
sometimes hard for a Virgo to relax because boredom is something they
cannot stand. They want to be busy, either doing or learning.

A Virgoan can generally be depended upon to fulfill a promise. They
have a flair for organization and enjoy setting up schedules. There is
an inborn love of order and harmony. They are always subconsciously
seeking perfection in whatever they attempt. Because they push
themselves so hard to be perfect, they have a tendency to look for
perfection in others. If they find it lacking, they can become pretty
critical and faultfinding.

Virgos have a tendency to worry. This is because they desire
perfection and are always thinking about how something can be made
better or how they can do something better, even, and especially,
after the fact. This tension can affect their health, causing
intestinal disorders. Virgos need to develop a positive outlook on
life, as this has a direct affect on their health. If they become too
anxious about life, they can become hypochondriacs. They are
generally healthy and are always looking for new ways to take care of
themselves, usually through better diet or through natural means of
healing. Whether old or young, all Virgoans need a quiet period each
day in order to rest their active minds. In any case, many Virgos look
much younger than their years.

In love, a Virgoan has difficulty expressing himself as passionately
as he desires. Virgos are very self-sufficient, but they are also
very happy when they have someone to love, someone to serve.

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