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Ramendra Singh Bhadauria (Astrobhadauria)


Ramendra Singh Bhadauria born in village Korth Shivnagar Agra UP India in 20th October 1957 (Birth Date not sure some sources are 1960).He is three brother,one sister,sister and one brother is elder,one brother is younger.Sister living in Bhopal MP and her husband retired from DPR.Elder brother retired from Central Bank of India by AGM post and younger brother working in JK White Cement Gotan in Rajsthan.

Ramendra Singh Bhadauria started his separated life from parent in 1982 like a engineer of Telecommunication,refrigeration,xerographic lines.He made much name and fame from Gov. of Rajasthan by making good service like contractor.He started Astrology from 1985 like part time basis.

Present time he is living in Jaipur with his wife Omwati,two sons Abhishekh Bhadauria (Presently he is caring agriculture land in birth place and maternal grand father's place's agriculture land) and Amit Bhadauria,younger son,Pavitra Bhadauria elder daughter and Monika younger daughter.

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