30 Days Lesson Of Astrology

The Four Major Mathematical Points of the Zodiac

In Astronomy the Eastern Horizon is called the Ascendant. 180 degrees from it is the Western Horizon called as the Descendant. The intersecting point where the Ecliptic cuts the Celestial Meridien is called the Meridian Cusp (M.C.) and 180 degrees from it is called the Imum Coeli (I.C.).

The Computation of Houses

First the longitude of the Ascendant is calculated by using the following formula:

Tan L = Sin E / (Cos E * Cos w - Sin w * Tan A)

…where L is the Ascendant, E is the Right Ascension of East Point , w the Sun's maximum declination and A - the latitude of the place.

Once the Ascending degree is known, 180 degrees is subtracted to get the Descendant.

The MC is calculated by using the following formula:

Tan K = Tan R / cos w

…where is the longitude of the MC, R the Right Ascension of the Meridien Cusp and w the Sun's maximum declination.

180 degrees deducted from the MC is the longitude of the IC.

These 4 are the Four Houses of the Zodiac. Ascendant is the 1st House, IC the Fourth, Descendant the Seventh and MC, the tenth.

We have said that each sign of the Zodiac is 30 degrees each. If the Ascending Degree is Pisces, then the Ascendant is Pisces, the IC is Gemini, the Descendant is Virgo and the MC, Sagittarius.

Rulership of Signs

Aries - Mars

Taurus - Venus

Gemini - Mercury

Cancer - Moon

Leo - Sun

Virgo - Mercury

Libra - Venus

Scorpio - Mars

Sagittarius - Jupiter

Capricorn - Saturn

Aquarius - Saturn

Pisces - Jupiter

Equal House Division or Bhava Theory

Now, we have got the longitudes of the Ascendant (Udaya Lagna) , the Descendant (Astha Lagna), the MC (Madhya Lagna) & the IC (Patala Lagna).

The distance from the Ascendant and the IC is divided by 3 and we have the first Three Houses.

The distance from the IC and the Descendant is divided by 3 and we have the 4th,5th and 6th houses.

The distance from the Descendant and MC is divided by 3 and we have the 7,8th and 9th houses.

The distance from the MC and Ascendant is divided by 3 and we have the 10,11 and 12th houses.

The Houses of the Zodiac and what they represent

First House Signifies Personality and Fame

Second Signifies House Wealth

Third House Signifies Younger coborns, valour

Fourth House Signifies Houses, conveyances

Fifth House Signifies Progeny, divine merit

Sixth House Signifies Enemies, debts

Seventh House Signifies Life Partner

Eighth House Signifies Death

Ninth House Signifies Fortune, father, Guru

Tenth House Signifies Profession

Eleventh House Signifies Gains, Fulfillment of all desires

Twelfth House Signifies Liberation, incarceration.

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